Friday, 20 November 2015

Misfit's Ultimatum : I Don't Like Him Anymore, Got It?

To : My Dear Bestie

You know I don't like him anymore, do you?
But why do you keep on .. urgh!!
I said I don't like him, and I really MEAN it.
got it?

I know you like him so tak payah lah nak tunjuk macam baik sangat.
'Undur Diri'? WTF?
Are you a kind of 'angel' or what?

You said we're friends and you are sincere and all but if you are, you should have accepted those things. You should have RESPECTED me.
Oh Munafiq, you've promised me you won't bring up the past. YOU AND YOUR WORDS.

By the way, don't ever call him ZED because that's mine.
Don't use FLAMINGO because that was my IDEA.
YOU-KNOW-WHO is mine too.
Don't even call him AZLAN because that was me, I called him that way in the first place.

I hate it, FAHAM TAK?

I hope that once you read this, you won't be mentioning all these things over and over.
Because I'm not 'munafiq' that I've swore that I DON'T LIKE HIM!

I'm sorry that I wrote it this way, well I can't really get mad in front of you since you're my friend.

Your action is highly APPRECIATED.

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