Friday, 20 November 2015

Misfit's Ultimatum : I Don't Like Him Anymore, Got It?

To : My Dear Bestie

You know I don't like him anymore, do you?
But why do you keep on .. urgh!!
I said I don't like him, and I really MEAN it.
got it?

I know you like him so tak payah lah nak tunjuk macam baik sangat.
'Undur Diri'? WTF?
Are you a kind of 'angel' or what?

You said we're friends and you are sincere and all but if you are, you should have accepted those things. You should have RESPECTED me.
Oh Munafiq, you've promised me you won't bring up the past. YOU AND YOUR WORDS.

By the way, don't ever call him ZED because that's mine.
Don't use FLAMINGO because that was my IDEA.
YOU-KNOW-WHO is mine too.
Don't even call him AZLAN because that was me, I called him that way in the first place.

I hate it, FAHAM TAK?

I hope that once you read this, you won't be mentioning all these things over and over.
Because I'm not 'munafiq' that I've swore that I DON'T LIKE HIM!

I'm sorry that I wrote it this way, well I can't really get mad in front of you since you're my friend.

Your action is highly APPRECIATED.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Misfit's Diary : Burning Red

I'm so frustrated. But... I'm supposed to be happy to see her happy. Banyaknya devil yang merasuk. DENGKI DENGKI DENGKI.

This is not the right way. You've promised yourself, right? This is just JEALOUSY.
He has nothing. EXACTLY NOTHING.

Don't be ridiculous. Because this is RIDICULOUS.

Remember your prayer to Allah. The guy you always dreamed of; the life that you always wanted; the family; all the colours. You just have to wait and have faith.

I trust You, Allah. You'll give me the BEST, right?

So, I don't have to be envy with my own best friends with the life they have but to always be grateful of what I have right now.

Not BURNING RED. My life is supposed to be filled with colours. Like RAINBOW.

ZED is just a classmate.

Misfit's Candid : I KNEW IT - BEAST/B2ST

Well, this is so so so sad... huhuhuhu

Here's its lyrics:-

B2ST (BEAST) I Knew It English Translation Lyrics

I knew it, I knew it

You seem to have changed these days
You’ve been putting on a lot of makeup when you used to not put on any
And you’ve been going out to clubs when you used to not go at all, huh
It keeps bothering me
I tried to just laugh it off
But I can’t

(Since when was it)
That you’ve been playing with me
Were you really truthful
(How can you do this to me)
No wonder you’ve changed a lot these days
I didn’t even know, oh, and loved you only

* I knew this would happen, uh
When you said you were going to meet that guy
Why didn’t I stop you
I knew this would happen, uh
The moment I saw an unknown phone number
Since then, I knew this would happen

Honey, I’m not being suspicious, you know how I feel, right?
It’s because I love you so much
So can I see you phone for a second?
I just need to check something
When did you change your password?
And why is your recent call list empty?
You foolishly erased it all, huh
Ha.. you’re cute, my baby
You’re acting really strange, just tell me the truth
I’m starting to get a little mad

(Why did you leave me)
Did you get sick of me for being like this?
Why is your phone turned off?
(When I have so much to tell you)
I’ll go home after just listening to your voice
I will wait, here in front of your house

* Repeat

What did I do wrong?
(When I think about it, I don’t think I did anything wrong)
Tell me the truth
(Even if you don’t, I actually already know)
Okay, I will really stop now
Tell me if you really can’t bear it anymore, baby please
(For real, I will say one last thing)

That guy back then, no, that jerk is the one, right?
He was good looking but he didn’t seem reliable
Who are you to blame?
Your one fault would be being too nice
He must have known that I was your boyfriend
He must have looked down on me, that jerk
Don’t hang up, cause I have something to ask you hun
Um… somewhere around here is that jerk’s house, right?

Friday, 13 November 2015

Misfit's Diary : I Finally Understood

Well, being a teenager is actually a critical stage of one's life. Hehehe. And it happens to me too.
I said I like him. Yes, I LIKED him but I don't anymore.

Well well well he is famous and fabulous and many people like him a lot. It's normal. Haha.

I thought I liked him but I didn't. I think Allah has partially answered my prayer that I don't want to have any relationship with any opposite gender unless to my one and only husband.

Dear My One and Only,
I'm sorry for having this such weak heart. I admit that I liked a few guys before but trust me, I never commit any relationship with them. I only love you and it's always you in my heart. I wait for you day and night because I believe that Allah will give you to me someday. I promise to try to become your solehah wife.

Misfit's Diary : To Play the Second Fiddle

I hate it, really. It always happens to me, almost all the time.
What's worse is that when it has something to do with my own bestie.

I can still picture the moment when Farid told me that he liked Anis (Anis Izzati Maryam ; my the best best best friend) two years ago. It was so heart-breaking.

WHY? When I like a particular person and my friend likes him too, WHAT?
I really hate it.

Last year, I liked this one handsome senior and she likes him too. (SHE is ANIS NORIEHAN)
And this year, which I never had any thought of it, she likes ZED too!!
ARGHH! This is so frustrating!

People tend to not noticing that I am 'behind all of these'. All they know is that Anis likes both of them. She always gets to be noticed. People really love to praise her, to get to know her better than me. They never care about ME.

I like you, ZED.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Misfit's Diary : Happy Birthday, Azlan!

First of all, Happy Sweet 17 my dear classmate that I hate a lot, Megat Khairil Azlan bin  Adlin Azam. Well, due to our 'COLD' relationship, I can't wish your birthday directly face to face.

To tell you the truth, I always remember when your birthday is. I just pretend not to know so that I can excuse myself from celebrating your birthday with our classmates. Ye larh. Dah nama pun orang yang 'bersalah'.

I'm so so so sorry about last year; I didn't mean it, seriously. I was so not matured and all. I hope you will read this someday. I'm sorry, ZED.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Misfit's Diary : A Walk to Zoo Taiping @ Taiping Lake Garden (Class Picnic)

Date : 10th of November 2015

With Cikgu Asyriyah and her son, Anis and Farah and 506 MEMBERS

What did you guys expect? Happy moments together? Well, 20 days more to go and just after our SPM puts an end, we'll go separated ways. Me and Anis, well, as we 'expected', we were left behind this whole day. They only called us to take pictures together as if we were very close to one another. FAKE SMILES were all over the place. Who ever cares anyway?

It was a HAPPY MOMENT by the way. NOPE. Not when we were with them. It was me and Anis. ONLY. We treasure friendship better. Even only for two years, we managed to build our bond. I really love her as my BESTIE. Well, thanks to AZLAN, the guy who I hate a lot, he said girls holding girls' hands is not normal as well as guys holding guys' hands. He also said that it's weird if a girl texts another girls so often but not to a girl who texts a guy a lot. Kepala otak kau? You never know because you never have time to care about others.

Just a few days before event was so chaos. So indecisive and all. Well, as always, they never had any thought to ask our opinion of something. They decide and we follow. So FAIR enough!

It's okay, it's okay. I don't mind at all.

At the water fountain in front of Zoo Taiping

With Farah

Farah + Allisya + Ika

We went to the lake garden in the first place to have our 'leisurely' breakfast. Haha. Guys conquered the whole mats and we had to find our own initiative to have a seat. Sumpah tak gentleman langsung!

@ Zoo Taiping

The entrance

This was the first time for Anis and the uncountable-th time for me to visit Zoo Taiping. We paid RM 12 each person for the ticket.

It was so tiring to walk around the zoo. Well, we planned to take train first and then to walk after that but since the guys were really the 'KETUA KELUARGA' we followed them at the end.

I wished to meet ASLAN but then the lions were all sleeping. HUHU.

To end everything, we had such a 'GOOD' time together today. I'm not satisfied but I can't say that I won't remember any of it, but it really looks like a mixture of LOVE and HATRED.

To : Anis Noriehan

By the way thank you so very much for your attention to me. It was worthy to spend time with you sayang.

To : Farah

I know you're mad at me but I can't make you understand if you don't try to. I love you too, honestly. I'm sorry.